The technology


Main system component which provides the entire operating logic for the System. The Management System module involves integrations with additional applications.


Web Portal
Available for both internal and external users. The System module provides via Portal the user interfaces, thus insuring a logic workflow. rclo6rxri

DMS Engine
This component provides Document Management services such as: storing documents, defining metadata, searching and versioning documents, accessing rights and synchronizing documents functionalities.


Centric ESB
This component equates with an Enterprise BUS and provides unitary integration between all components of the application. Messages are transferred between all system components consistently providing at the same time unified access rights between all of the above mentioned.rclo6rxri

Workflow engine
This component provides the graphic framework of business processes and the execution of workflows, aligned with the business analysis.


Business Rules Engine

This component provides the business rules framework in an autonomously manner, meaning that changing a business rule will not require a new deployment.rclo6rxri

Integration Engine
This component provides integration services with external applications through a dedicated system comprising of numerous predefined connectors.

global-down-syndrome-foundation-2013-holiday-greetings-global-down-zablsu-clipartBI Engine
This component provides integration services related to reporting and integrated data analysis.rclo6rxri

Delegation Engine
The Delegation Engine component provides services that allow delegating user rights when necessary.

global-down-syndrome-foundation-2013-holiday-greetings-global-down-zablsu-clipartLogging Engine
The Logging Engine component provides registration services to major events that occur in the application.rclo6rxri

Notification Engine
The Operating Systems component refers to the operating system installed on the application machines.

The RDBMS component provides structured database storage services for application data.rclo6rxri

Application Server
The Application Server component provides running application services with a virtual machine.

global-down-syndrome-foundation-2013-holiday-greetings-global-down-zablsu-clipartWeb Server
The Web Server component provides HTML pages delivery services via user browser.rclo6rxri

The Operating Systems component refers to the operating system installed on the application machines.